Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yarn Egg Decoration

I had seen this post a little bit before Easter and I just loved the egg garland idea! But there are many more things you could do with them.

Here was what I used:

- Spring Colored Variegated color yarn, average weight
- Corn Starch/Flour/Water Mixture
- Water Balloons
- Cloths pins and hanging yarn

First, I used a mason jar to shake equal parts flour, corn starch, and water until it made a runny batter type of consistency. Shake it well and often throughout the process.

I cut the yarn enough to wrap it around one small water balloon blown up.

Then, I placed the yarn in the mixture in a circle. I started off just shoving it in the mixture and then it just got tangled. So you need a method to the madness.

Then, you just pick a starting point and wrap. It's going to be messy and make sure to kind of "wring" the string as you place it but not so much that it doesn't have the mixture in it anymore.

When you are done with one, hang it with binder clips, clothespin or whatever other clever hanging things you can think of.

I let it dry overnight. If you live in a dry climate, I bet you could hang it outside for less time.

Then, you pop the balloons, carefully take them out and...


You could do this as a garland or even with twine for an anytime kind of decoration. Very Pottery barn like.

(yes, that's an SD card next to them there.)

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